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Benwaa’s production style matches his DJ sets but is also much more diverse, he creates the music that comes from within, taking in various styles and influences to form a very personal approach to creating electronic music. There is no real pigeon-hole to place the output of Ben’s productions within, it may be called techno, it may be called house, it may be called anything in between. One thing is for sure is that it really can only that it can be described as electronic music with feeling, which is exactly how it is produced – following his feelings and making them into sound.

Ben is currently working on tracks in the studio, both as his solo Benwaa project and also his collaboration as the MaLm with Martin Standen, working on more abstract electronica. He also co-ordinates the IDMfNetlabel and it’s free releases.

His latest release is a 3 track EP on Gibbon Records entitled ”The Rain” including remixes by PHCK & Bootleg Ben, and with previous releases on Tony Thomas’ imprints – Shiva Recordings and Ambiosphere Recordings – as well as Doppelgänger, Tech you Very Much!, Gastspiel and more, Ben’s releases are something that are worth watching out for!

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