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Planets At Sunset

Planets At Sunset

Label: Tulipa Recordings

Release date: 2018-02-16

Catalog number: TULIPAMOON01

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Planets At Sunset (Continuous Mix)
Father (Original Mix)
Intelligent Thing (Original Mix)
Gus Bonani
Left Behind (Original Mix)
Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan
Human Nature (Original Mix)
Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito)
Disappear Into The System (Original Mix)
Magik Stick (Original Mix)
David Calo
Let's Go (Original Mix)
Roxy Delgado
Balanced Source (Original Mix)
Whistleblowers (Original Mix)
Sebastian Markiewicz
Hormone (Original Mix)
International (Original Mix)
Rick Pier O'Neil
Undercat (Original Mix)
Estet (Original Mix)
Iodine (Original Mix)
Calimba, Yannis Bilalis
Masters Of Electronic (Original Mix)
Tzeronis (Original Mix)
Yannis Bilalis

Hypnotic astronaut Moonface lands in the Tulipa gardens with the seminal Planets At Sunset compilation. Each track is handpicked by the man himself in conjunction with label lead gardener Summer (Brendon Collins). The result is a twisted, emotional, and mesmerizing ride through the deepest realms of the nearest solar system to our own. Planets At Sunset contains music from all nooks of space which may happen to correspond with the emotions of the aliens who will visit Earth in the near future. Hopefully this message brings one of calmness and well-being. The sporadic nature of Moonface’s music coupled with the avant-garde approach of Tulipa’s presentation to the outside world produces an electrifying aura of immutable energy suitable for subterranean dance floors and deep-layered dens of nostalgia.

1. Moonface – Oh Yeah Intro
2. Thimble – Father
3. Gus Bonani – Intelligent Thing
4. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Left Behind
5. Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito) – Human Nature
6. Moonface – Disappear Into The System
7. David Calo – Magik Stick
8. Roxy Delgado – Let’s Go
9. Benwaa – Balanced Source
10. Sebastian Markiewicz – Whistleblowers
11. Futur-E – Hormone
12. Rick Pier O’Neil – International
13. F.e.m – Undercat
14. Midmood – Estet
15. Yannis Bilalis & Calimba – Iodine
16. Moonface – Masters Of Electronic
17. Yannis Bilalis – Tzeronis

2018 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)