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Powers That Be

Powers That Be

Label: ASTIR Recordings

Release date: 2018-01-19

Catalog number: ASTIR005

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Powers That Be (Original Mix)
Minus Five Wolves
Powers That Be (Benwaa's Be The Change Mix)
Benwaa, Minus Five Wolves
Powers That Be (Gavin Rochford Remix)
Gavin Rochford, Minus Five Wolves
Powers That Be (RGKs Doomsday Prophecy)
Minus Five Wolves, Real Gone Kid

After a blistering first 6 months, ASTIR recordings enter 2018 revved up and ready to bring the world amazing new music from established and up-and-coming artists. Late January sees Liverpudlian duo Minus Five Wolves join the ASTIR family with vocal Tech treat, Powers That Be. Remixes come from exciting Irish talent, Gavin Rochford, Gibbon Records boss Benwaa and ASTIR boss, Simon Huxtable under his Real Gone Kid moniker.

With 15 years in the industry and a combined 25 years of experience, Minus Five Wolves have a serious pedigree. Signed to Wallshaker Music Detroit back in 2005, the duo have quietly built a back catalogue of discernment, covering a multitude of styles.

Their original mix is based around a prophetic male vocal about revolution. Something a genre-hopping track, sparse percussion lays the foundation from which subtle melodies, space-y FX and a warm pad sit. On remix duties, Ireland’s Gavin Rochford leads the charge with a deep prog monster. Eerie sonics and woodblock percussion drive the track forward as it builds and builds layers of tension and energy. It’s great to have Gavin on-board and look forward to new material in the future.

Gibbon Record’s boss, Benwaa has been a friend to the label since inception and after accepting Simon’s upcoming debut album for his own imprint. With his own original material due in the new year, we felt it was a perfect project to introduce him to the ASTIR family. Keeping with the originals motifs, his mix veers effortlessly between 4×4 and breaks, light and dark, energetic and calm. Rounding out the pack, ASTIR Bossman Real Gone Kid dons his techno hat to completely flip the script on the vocal element producing a powerful crossover track for those pre-peak moments.