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Race To Happiness

Race To Happiness

Label: Sector Four Audio

Release date: 2016-11-14

Catalog number: S4A018

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Race To Happiness (Original Mix)
The Recidivist
Race To Happiness (Benwaa Remix)
Benwaa, The Recidivist
Race To Happiness (Angelos Anninos Remix)
The Recidivist, Angelos Anninos

The Recidivist… also known as Julianoctus (Gamma&Julianoctus) got his disco thinking hut ,and flashing trainers on
The result.. is this happy bouncy disco flavoured house track. ”Race to happiness” is as controversial as the artist himself.

To put things in order we called in our long lasting friend of the label, Benwaa to infuse the track with his deep yet uplifting and melodic style. As well as sector four’s label owner and handy man Angelos Anninos that took things deeper underground with some smooth deep house bar grooves.

Give those tracks a go to surprise even the most snobbish audience. ”Uh lala my champagne got knocked on the floor..”