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The Rain

Label: Gibbon Records

Release date: 2015-01-23

Catalog number: GIB007

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Benwaa returns to Gibbon with quite simply Techno. The Rain is deep and dark brooding, snatching sounds into the air building up to immersion in lush pads and synths taking us deeper into the shower and soundscape of sound. Vilt is a more direct techno floor mover, with a dark moving and driving bassline and techno stabs, it’s very reminiscent of moments in Berghain.
Umlaut pushes things in a more driving direction, with an upfront bass movement and eery pads pushed in a dark yet grooving direction, with a cheeky groove built out of various sounds and a vocal deeming you “come on”, it’s a very set friendly piece of Techno that appeals to a lot of floors.
PHCK and Bootleg Ben are on remix duties. PHCK return to Gibbon bringing The Rain to us in a familiar warmth of added synths and strings really which takes things to another feeling, bringing the soundscaped immersion to us in deep house form that is unique to them.
Bootleg Bens take leads us in a more Tech house direction, with psychedelic bleeps, and brain spinning pads layered under glitched out percussion, there’s a distinct progressive feel of the early 2000’s about it that is embracing and wouldn’t be out of place with in a John Digweed set of that era.